The GREATEST traditional JRPG of all time is coming to PC

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News by Matt S.

Okay, so this is just rumour at this stage, but Gematsu has found compelling evidence to suggest that Persona 4 Golden is coming to PC on June 13. Putting aside the more innovative, genre-bending NieR titles, Persona 4 Golden is the smartest, most intelligent, deepest and all-round best traditional JRPG that we’ve ever seen.

Persona 4 Golden was previously exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, and while it was perfect for that platform, it also meant that it was incredibly difficult to record footage, stream, and otherwise discuss the classic. That’s all about to change, and you can bet that I have every intention to take every opportunity the PC version of this game offers.

We’ll find out in just a few days if this rumour is true. Oh please let me be playing Persona 4 Golden on my PC in just a couple of days…

– Matt S. 
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