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Streaming is a great way to enjoy games with people, so, to help share the games that we love, we’re launching a weekly streaming schedule at DDNet where we’ll play some of our favourite games that you can come along and chat with us about as we play.

The streams will be broadcast over our YouTube channel, and you’ll be able to watch them back if you miss any of them, don’t worry about that! To start with, we’re going to be streaming four times per week, but this may change over time, so if there’s anything that you’d like to see us cover, feel free to let us know! Each stream will run for around an hour and, when it is a longer game (such as a JRPG), the plan is to play the game through over the course of a number of weeks.

So, without further adieu, our initial streaming schedule:

This schedule starts this week, so the first stream will be Friday’s After Dark show. Times that the stream will be broadcast can be found next to each category.

Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, too! That way you won’t miss a thing.

Thanks as always for your support and we hope you enjoy these streams!

– Matt S. 
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