Trials Of Mana: Square Enix nails another remake

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Video by Matt S.

Coming so soon after the remake of Final Fantasy VII remake (Square Enix really needs to pace things out better) the Trials of Mana remake is very different in tone… but no less spectacular. This is a really lovely game, rendered beautifully in the third dimension, and a really brilliant example of how to approach a remake of a beloved old classic.

Most of all, though, it’s a relief. The Secret of Mana remake was woeful and actively harmed the legacy of the original. Square Enix could have easily gone two for two here, but this remake shows that the company not only learned from the Secret of Mana experience, but was utterly committed to getting this one right.

So in this video I discuss everything that I love about this new Trials of Mana.

– Matt S. 
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