MLB The Show 20: I love this game! But…

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Video by Matt S.

I do indeed like sports games, which I know surprises some people given what I generally play and talk about, but I do make a habit of keeping an eye on most of the major sports games properties out there, and of those, Sony’s MLB: The Show is a favourite.

This year’s edition plays a very high quality game of baseball indeed, but at the same time, I think we’re getting to the point where these games are impenetrable. They’re so overloaded with gameplay modes and unlocks, features and data, that you need to be a really, really big fan of the sport, and ideally have played previous titles in the series, to really come to grips with these games and discover what makes them great.

In this video I talk about that topic – I do love this game (and my review on DDNet will reflect that), but it’s a qualified love, and I sometimes can’t help but wish that we could go back to when sports games were just a little more straightforward.

– Matt S. 
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