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Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest Tact for iOS and Android. It’s currently going to be a Japanese-only release (of course it is), but it really looks like something that I could get into, even if it is free-to-play, and therefore going to be loaded with gacha mechanics.

In Dragon Quest Tact, you’ll get to command and battle familiar monsters from the Dragon Quest series. This is all presented via a 3D engine, so they look lovely, and looking at the screenshots, it seems to be skirmishes of roughly the same scale as Fire Emblem Heroes.

The game releases in 2020 at some point, and hopefully later on it gets an English localisation. Does anyone else remember Dragon Quest Wars? It was a DSiWare downloadable-only game for Nintendo’s DSi, and it was something I lost many, many hours too. I’ve been aching for a new Dragon Quest tactics game ever since.

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