World of Horror is not long away now

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News by Matt S.

I’ve been really looking forward to World of Horror, ever since it was first announced back in 2018. Using retro visuals, like something from an old Apple Mac game, it promised a blend of Lovecraftian cosmic horror and RPG mechanics. Not a Call of Cthulhu RPG video game, however, this one has promised a personality all of its own, and that retro art style is inspired by Junji Ito, Japan’s manga master of the macabre.

It’s also a narrative-driven game with some good writing pedigree behind it too, as it is being authored by Cassandra Khaw, a script writer for Ubisoft and horror novel author.

It’s coming to Steam Early Access on February 20 now, and we have a full release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch later on in the year. There’s also a new trailer, just to remind you all why it’s so exciting.

– Matt S. 
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