The first details of My Time With Dee Dee, Volume #1!

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Visual novel by Matt S.

Hello everyone!

So, development of My Time With Dee Dee, Volume #1 continues on strongly, and we’re still on track to deliver it over the next month or so. As promised, it’s a much larger project, in terms of everything – with four endings and around 3-4 hours of content, this game will set the tone for all future visual novels in the series – they’ll be “short stories,” but they’ll be complete and proper stories.

In fact, the four endings in Volume #1 will be wildly different to one another, so you’re going to absolutely want to read through all of them! I’m looking forward to seeing what people think the “good” vs “bad” endings are in this one.

With that, it’s now time to share the first details about what this game will be about! Going forward, each entry in the My Time With Dee Dee series will take a genre or concept, and explore it through the storytelling. Each story will be self-contained, so while they use the same setting and characters, they’re not “sequels” to one another, and they will cover of wildly different topics at times. One visual novel might focus on science fiction, for example, while the next might be Shakespeare.

For the first one, Volume #1, I’ve decided to look into a cinematic genre that I find particularly interesting – the erotic thriller. A wildly popular film genre in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s all but dead now, but with masterpieces such as Eyes Wide Shut within the genre, it remains one well worth researching.

Each VN, in addition to the game itself, will also have a “Teach me” bonus mode in which I summarise the genre, provide a bit of analysis about it, and give you some key books to read/films to watch/games to play within it. The idea there being to help place the Dee Dee VNs within the genre (or highlight how I subvert them), and help you find out more about it if you find it interesting.

This is my way of tying the My Time With Dee Dee series back to DDNet, and what we stand for as critics – and what the site itself aims to do. Hopefully you find it interesting!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know, but in the meantime, enjoy some of the background art that will show up in My Time With Dee Dee, Volume #1!

Remember: If you back me on Patreon, you’ll get download codes all of these VNs as they’re released – this is a major investment that I’m making to say “thanks” to backers for supporting myself and the site. You’ll also be able to buy the VNs on an individual basis, and if you’re keen on checking out the “Volume 0 teaser”, you can grab it on Your support is greatly appreciated! These VNs are a “bonus” on top of all the coverage we do on DDNet, but I’d love to see it grow into something special for readers. To do that we obviously need for people to play them!

– Matt S.
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