The catch-up coffee: Monday, August 20, 2018

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News by Lindsay M. and Matt S.

Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s regular catch-up news feature. With each issue we will bring you the best news that you may have missed. Grab the biggest mug you’ve got, fill it with your favourite brew, and catch up with us (and our favourite news anchor, Dee Dee)!

All aboard for the Great Lakes! Railway Empire DLC brings the game into Canada

By Lindsay M., News Editor

It’s first DLC took us south to Mexico, but now it’s time to bundle up for the Great White North: Railway Empire is here! The Great Lakes DLC is available now for the game on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) in North America, and is being released today in Europe.

If Canada is mostly untamed wilderness now (and it most certainly is), imagine what is was like circa 1860. Few European settlements have been able to make the jump to being a larger town. Connecting the colonies is integral to creating a national identity, not to mention economic independence from Britain.

So what does the DLC actually add? A new scenario called Dominion Day spans 20 years. Fur and winter clothing can be traded amongst 19 new cities. There are two new engines, Achilles (0-4-0) and Canadian (2-8-0). And the North gets its own new enhanced weather system. The game also just updated to version 1.5, which can be downloaded for free and introduces a warehouse feature.

Hitomi, Lei Fang and a tentacle join the Dead or Alive 6 cast

By Matt S., Editor-in-Chief

Sadly for Koei Tecmo this was a bit of a leak, but we do now have screenshots of Hitomi and Lei Fang from Dead or Alive 6, and the girls are looking very good indeed. Continuing the “hey we’re pulling back on the sex” theme, Hitomi’s wearing a martial arts uniform, and Lei Fang is wearing a weird latex thing? It looks like she’s about to go for a jog at any rate.

… Or are Koei Tecmo pulling back on the sex? One of the screenshots features a tentacle, and we all know what role the tentacle has in Japanese sex-based humour. So there’s hope yet that this game hasn’t lost its heritage after all.

Anyhow, my takeaway from this is that Lei Fang has some spectacular abs. The muscle definition is A+++. I really hope Koei Tecmo has nailed Dead or Alive 6 and delivered a game existing fans can enjoy while the team chases a new generation of player as well, because technically the game really does look brilliant.

And the Vampyr television rights go to… *drumroll*

By Lindsay M., News Editor

Does anyone else play an amazing game and often think, this should be a film? I know you do. You know who you are. But what happens when a game is too vast to fit into one film? A film series? Sometimes, but Fox21 is going the distance and giving Vampyr it’s very own television series.

The game, and presumably the television show, follows a newly-turned vampire in 1918 London. The irony is that Dr. Johnathan Reid, prior to turning, was a blood transfusion specialist, and it’s through giving back to the city that he turns. His world views are completely turned upside-down by the secret societies, creepy creatures, and ancient orders that make up the vampire underworld.

Fox21, the recently-made combination of Fox Films and Century 21, has secured the rights to turn Vampyr into a television series. Oskar Guilbert, CEO of Dontnod, states via a press release: “We believe it is a fantastic premise for a television show. This is a new and exciting way for fans of the game, as well as the uninitiated, to enter and engage with Vampyr’s rich, deep story.”

Ghostlight is going to start working on Nintendo Switch

By Matt S., Editor-in-Chief

Ghostlight, the localisation outfit that has in recent years specialised in bringing Japanese console games to PC (stuff like Sorcery Saga, Mugen Souls, Lost Dimension and Mary Skelter Nightmares), has announced that it will now also be working on Nintendo Switch.

As per the company announcement: “I hope you’re all looking forward to our Nintendo Switch releases as much as we are, and please stay tuned for more information on which JRPG we’re going to be bringing to Switch in the near future,” Ghostlight teased.

This could be something huge. Japanese developers that have previously not had the resources to handle a Nintendo Switch port themselves could look to Ghostlight to provide that resourcing, which could in turn lead to the Switch getting a bunch of JRPGs it just wouldn’t have had otherwise. And hey, given Ghostlight’s close relationship with Compile Heart, I would happily take ports of the likes of Dark Rose Valkyrie and Omega Quintet. Can never have enough fanservice on the Switch!

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