One of the most underappreciated roguelikes ever to be re-released on PC

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Compile Heart’s Sorcery Saga has got to be the more underappreciated roguelikes. That comes with being a PlayStation Vita exclusive, I guess. For the most part a very traditional take on the genre, with its top-down perspective, just like Spike Chunsoft’s Shiren the Wanderer (the torchbearer for the genre) or Square Enix’s Chocobo Mystery Dungeon, Sorcery Saga had one unique twist to help it really stand out; the cooking!

Yes, as you play Sorcery Saga you collect ingredients that you can use to cook up all kinds of recipes, which will in turn help you through your dungeon delves. Coupled with the usual Compile Heart features (hugely amusing art and a great, entertaining narrative), this game is an absolute blast, and one of the Vita games that we would recommend to people first.

And now, courtesy of Ghostlight (which has previously localised the likes of Mugen Souls and Lost Dimension), Sorcery Saga is coming to PC as well. At this stage we haven’t got any details beyond the promise that it would be released this year, but we’ll keep an eye out for more details, because this is certainly one worth watching.

– Matt S.
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