Video: The Roguelike – How we should be defining this classic genre

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Video by Matt S.

I’m a massive, massive fan of the roguelike. I’ve been playing games like this as long as I’ve been playing games at all. For example, I have fond memories of losing hour after hour in my childhood to Nethack, because it was a (legally) free game that I could indulge in well before I was earning money of my own to buy games.

In recent years “roguelike” has been applied to so many games – particularly in the indie space – that it’s all but lost meaning. These days all you need to do to produce a “roguelike” is to give your game some randomly generated levels, and perhaps a permadeath feature, and BAM! it’s a roguelike.

In this video I challenge that, and outline the three key elements that I see as defining a roguelike as a roguelike. Random level design isn’t one of those elements.

Played any good roguelikes recently? Let us know in the comments!

– Matt S.
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