Root Letter combines visual novel and murder mystery

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I am thrilled to be able to share this news: Root Letter (or √Letter) is getting a Western release. Serene artwork meets an intense murder mystery in this visual novel by Kadokawa Games and published by PCube. The past comes back to haunt you as you need to investigate the fifteen-year-old disappearance of your pen pal, Fumino Aya; her disappearance is further complicated by allegations that she murdered someone and ran away. I’m already hooked.

Root Letter takes place in Shimane, a beautifully calm prefecture on the coast of Honshu Island, just north of Hiroshima. The population is sparse. Shimane’s capital, Matsue, is host to a 17th-century castle. In nearby Izumo there are some extremely early Shinto complexes, with the main halls done in a (rare) Taisha style. Actual locations are reproduced in Root Letter, and you can roam freely. Perhaps the ancient lands hold clues to the location of Fumino?

The story unfolds through both the current investigation as well as old letters from your missing friend. There are without a doubt clues to be found in said letters, and poking around her hometown is bound to dig up more information. Interrogation mode allows you to go all Phoenix Wright and present evidence to characters in attempt to catch them in lies. There are five different endings that result from five wildly different routes to the conclusion.

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Root Letter features artwork from Minoboshi Taro and a soundtrack from Takashi Nitta. The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The release is set for October 28 in Europe and November 1 in North America.

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