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Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s weekly news feature, Catch-up coffee Monday. Each Monday we will bring you the best news from the previous week that you may have missed. Grab the biggest mug you’ve got, fill it with your favourite brew, and catch up with us (and our favourite news anchor, Dee Dee)!

World of Tanks Blitz collaborates with Valkyria Chronicles

Yeah, we didn’t see this one coming either! The free-to-play multi-platform tank combat game World and Tanks Blitz is collaborating with Sega’s strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles. The above video starts off with a lot of in-game footage from either title. Then it switches to an interview with the general manager of Wargaming, who explains that this is the first time the developer has collaborated with an outside games company — and with Sega to boot! Miku next? Exact details of the collaboration will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show later this month.

Koei Tecmo announces lineup for TGS

What can you expect when DDnet heads to TGS? A whole lot of Koei games, it would appear! Koei Tecmo has announced that Berserk, Nioh, Toukiden 2, Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey, Nights of Azure 2, and Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru will be playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The standout from this already-flawless list is Gust’s Atelier Firis, which has been confirmed for a Western release. The second game in a trilogy (following Atelier Sophie), the game follows young alchemist Firis; more details will be revealed this month. Matt is also especially excited for a new Samurai Warriors games… and I think everyone is eager for Berserk, Nioh, Toukiden 2, and Nights of Azure 2 — what an outstanding lineup this is!

Criminal Girls 2 delayed in North America

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but due to manufacturing delays Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors is being delayed. The good news? The delay only affects North America! Okay, so that may still be bad news for those who live there. NIS America announced the delay last Tuesday. The release date has changed from September 20 to October 11. The European release date of September 23 remains the same. If you never got to check out the first game — which was rather *ahem* controversial — read our review here.

Two new PS4s are on the way

As expected, Sony introduced two new PlayStation 4 consoles this week. The new PlayStation 4 contains the same guts as the original PS4 while being smaller and more energy efficient. It will be released on September 15 for $299 USD. The PlayStation 4 Pro (what we were all calling Neo before now) is an upgraded PlayStation 4: its outside is almost identical (yet larger) but its insides have gotten a big boost. The GPU is twice as powerful, the hard drive is doubled to 1 TB, and games and streaming can be output in 4K. The PS4 Pro will also increase the framerates on PS VR games. The DualShock controller also gets an upgrade as the new version shows the controller’s light bar through the touch pad. It also supports USB connection now, super helpful when your controller is already plugged in — why rely on Bluetooth at that point?!

Does any of this news tickle your fancy or make you steaming mad? Let us know in the comments! And meet us again next week for a new edition of Catch-up coffee Monday.

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