The Friday Ten: The ten best costumes in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

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List by Matt S.

Since picking up Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone a couple of weeks ago, it’s been very difficult to actually tear myself away from the game to do anything else. It’s mammoth in size, with 220 different music tracks, and the standard Project Diva difficulty means that I’ve got hundreds of hours of play ahead of me yet before I’ve got this sucker mastered.

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The other side of the game is the dress-ups and photo shoot side, which is every bit as much fun, frankly. With 340 different costumes (or ‘modules’), and the ability to put any costume in any video clip, there at 74,800 different combinations of character, costume, and video clip to experiment with (and, actually, it’s much more than that, as some tracks have multiple characters and those are also completely swappable).

I’ve actually spent as much time playing around with costumes and clips as I have the rhythm game, and I regret nothing. Future Tone is a gorgeous game, with gorgeous character and gorgeous costumes, so taking photos, making short video clips, and so on, is a big part of the fun.

With that in mind, this week on the Friday Ten I’m listing the ten best costumes across the 340 on offer. For each I’ve clipped a short Twitter video, and apologies in advance that there’s no sound – the PlayStation 4 share function actually mutes the sound. One presumes to stop people sharing entire tracks over YouTube and the like… thanks Crypton!

Enjoy the clips anyway, and let us know your own favourite modules in the comments!

Ichi-No-Sakura: Blossom

First up is this rather fetching old military-style uniform for Miku. It’s the epitome of elegance, with the kimono-style sleeves, and the rich mauve colour. Meanwhile, the beret-style cap is quite cute, and the thigh-high stockings add a touch of maturity to the outfit. The only downer is that Miku’s hair is quite thin with this outfit, though the sleeves go a long way to giving her that dynamic flow of motion that her hair normally achieves with other costumes.

Japanese old school military uniforms are just the goddamn cutest. #PS4share

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

Honey Whip

Without a doubt, Honey Whip is the most overtly sexy of all of Miku’s costumes. Open top to reveal a black bra, lingerie-style stockings (and the underwear is black too, as an aside) makes this costume really quite adult. You’d think the pink tones would provide a contrast, but rather than being cute, it’s a tone of pink that you might expect to see an adult performer to wear. One of the great things about Miku is that she can be whatever you want her to be – for people that do see a sexy side to Miku, this is the ultimate costume (while still being lighthearted and fun, rather than the raunch that it could have too easily slid towards).

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

KAITO Swimwear

KAITO’s hot. The dude is ripped, has awesome blue hair, and that brooding dark voice that means he totally deserves a spot in the next random vampire film. Most of KAITO’s popular costumes are the picture of gothic elegance, but what does an aspiring vampire wear down the beach? Well, not a whole lot it turns out. This dude is comfortable in his body, and with that six pack ripping and rolling as he shakes on the dance floor, why the heck not, we say.

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

Miku Hood

Miku Hood is one of my favourites because I have the figurine of her, and it’s my favourite figurine by a long shot. It’s obviously a novelty costume – even by the highly novel standards of all the costumes – but it really suits my perception of Miku as a dreamlike fantasy character. The tone of red is gorgeous, and the wolf plush in the hood is a really cute addition that makes the entire set up just plain adorable.

Hey there little red ridin’ hood. #PS4share

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

MEIKO Yukata

MEIKO is Crypton’s forgotten lady, with people generally preferring Luka, Miku, or Rin, but she has some awesome costumes nonetheless. Many of them are quite sexy (and, for whatever reason, so are most of her music tracks), but for my mind it’s MEIKO’s Yukata that is the most attractive. It must be hard to dance in these things, but the epitome of Japanese casual elegance really works with Meiko’s figure and hair style.

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

Miku Jer★Sey

More popularly known as “that costume that kinda looks like what Chie wears in Persona 4,” this costume is ridiculously cheerful. It’s bright, it’s green, and it’s sporty. Complemented by Miku’s hair being tied up, this unconventional costume looks like she’s about to go for a run or play a tennis match. It’s also one of the relatively uncommon non-swimsuit costumes with which Miku’s entire midriff is uncovered, and she’s got a great stomach.

Miku’s cutest costume by faaaaaaaar. #PS4share

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

Luka Recruiter

I can’t think of anything less aesthetically interesting than a business suit, generally speaking. I mean, sure, they can look good – that’s why people wear them – but they’re also corporate, cold, uninspired (for the most part). A suit is there to make you look professional, which is almost the antithesis of what a rhythm game featuring cute girls (mostly) is about. But trust Luka to wear a suit with personality and style. This is one classy lady.

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

Hatsune Miku Swimwear B

I like Miku in a bikini. She’s got a great figure for swimwear, as far as I’m concerned, and it’s cute. Miku’s probably better known for the green striped bikini, or the polka dot one, but I like this blue one that I discovered for the first time with Future Tone. It’s certainly the most daring of Miku’s bikinis… there’s not a lot to the bottom half, especially. But it’s also a really nice colour, and it does a really good job of showing off Miku’s figure. AND I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME SO THERE. ^_^.

Don’t mind me just collecting clips for a Friday Ten <_< #PS4share

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

Rin Reactor (and long hair)

I was actually really not a fan of Rin at all. I like her voice, so I end up liking her tracks in the Diva games, but I would always stick Miku in her place. But then I discovered this one specific costume and Rin’s only long hair option as a combination, and I like Rin now. This Rin, anyway. I’m still not a fan otherwise. I love the black-and-white contrast of the dress, and I find the movement and colour of the long hair adds tone and form to the outfit.

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016


Last but not least is Yellow, one of two costumes where Miku’s wearing hot pants. I prefer Yellow, however, because the top half of the costume provides bright, airy colours (the other is more pastoral). Also, I had to include one of the two in the list so I could make that incredibly cheesy Austin Powers joke “Those are skin tight, how do you get into those pants baby?”

Oh behave.

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

BONUS! White Dress

Because I couldn’t resist, here’s another; the completely dull named White Dress is anything but dull on Miku herself. I don’t know why whoever created it didn’t call this a wedding dress, because that’s what it is in reality. Sure the skirt is short (which I think looks better), but otherwise this is the dress to give Miku in every duet with KAITO. Especially if he’s wearing his swimmers. It’s one messed up (but adorable) marrying couple, right there.

I genuinely reckon this is an amazing wedding dress. #PS4share

— Miku McMikuFace (@DigitallyDownld) July 7, 2016

– Matt S.
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