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Spiders’ The Technomancer is set to to release (July 28 in North America, July 30 in Australia) courtesy of the developer’s usual partner, Focus Home Interactive. I’m not going to lie, normally a game with a name like The Technomancer would have me running in the other direction — those two words somehow manage to sound quite aggressive. But with the amazing look of the launch trailer combined with the story and gameplay, colour me intrigued. Watch it here:

In The Technomancer, players take control of… well, The Technomancer. No surprise there. The character referenced in the title is Zachariah, a young man about to pass his initiation rite. Technomancers are mage-warriors, which makes me picture of an 8-bit Final Fantasy Black Mage wielding a sword and running to the forefront of battles on Mars (I then giggle hysterically for several minutes, of course). One becomes a Technomancer first by possessing the innate ability to harness electrical powers, then by getting enhanced by the help of some fancy cybernetic implants. Technomancers are both feared and respected for the strength, power, and knowledge they have.

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Not everything is rosy for dear Zachariah though, as he finds himself on the run from the Secret Police and stranded on Mars. Thankfully, he has been trained in three different fighting styles. Quests can be resolved using combat, diplomacy, or trickery; it is up to the player to decide how to tackle each objective.

If the idea of mage-warriors in space is as fascinating to you as it is me, you’ll want to pick up The Technomancer for PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

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