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Friday, May 27, 2016

Disney Crossy Road update features daily missions, new characters, and a lot of Alice

News by Lindsay M.

My favourite casual mobile game received an update today. While it's mostly just a good marketing ploy for Disney’s newest film, the update keeps the good old (young?) Disney Crossy Road feel alive while providing players with more reasons to return day after day.

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The bulk of the new content is based on Alice Through The Looking Glass, which provides a new world and 18 new characters for the game. The world is based on Time’s Castle and includes an 8-bit version of White Rabbit (the film’s featured song). There are environmental twists that cause players to launch ahead, and Time’s hourglasses can be collected to slow vehicles.

Eighteen figurines with characters from the film are able to be unlocked, including Alice herself, Time, the Cheshire Cat, and more.

My apologies for the greyed-out characters and Canadian pricing, I haven't been able to play yet but wanted to show them off a bit!

There were also seven secret unlock characters added to the game, but they can be found spread out among the original worlds. Also new to the update are Daily Missions, with players receiving three news quests per day. Completing all three quests earns one stamp, and when all six stamps have been collected an exclusive figurine will be unlocked.

Disney Crossy Road is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, developed by Australia’s very own Hipster Whale. It can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon’s OS.

- Lindsay M.
News Editor

Disney Crossy Road update features daily missions, new characters, and a lot of Alice
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