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Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s weekly news feature, Catch-up coffee Monday. Each Monday we will bring you the best news from the previous week that you may have missed. Grab the biggest mug you’ve got, fill it with your favourite brew, and catch up with us (and our favourite news anchor, Dee Dee)!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (finally) coming worldwide this year

Already touting an impressive six million players in Japan, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is set to launch worldwide within the next quarter on both Android and iOS devices. The free-to-play (with in-app purchases) RPG is a full-scale Final Fantasy game with traditional gameplay and a brand new story. Two knights and a young girl are seeking a crystal, and the player will guide them through fields and dungeons. Players can pre-register for the game here to receive special in-game items at launch.

Styx: Shards of Darkness promises some stealth action

Styx: Shards of Darkness is one of those games I thought would never actually see the light of day, but now it certainly will. Protagonist Styx, a goblin, was first seen in Cyanide Studio’s Master of Shadows, and in this sequel he will encounter several hostile factions during his journey. One of these are the stout yet powerful Dwarves of Wildoran (above), who are heavily armed. Styx cannot penetrate said armour, so instead he has to disable or avoid them. Anyone else suddenly itching for a stealth adventure? That’s only part of the full realized world in Styx: Shards of Darkness, so be sure to look out for it when it is released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later this year.

Sekai Project announces supernatural visual novel 2236 A.D.

How the folks over at Sekai Project find time to sleep, I’ll never know; the publisher has so many amazing games coming to their roster I though it was impossible it would get any better, but somehow it has. 2236 A.D., developed by Chloro, is a visual novel set in the future where telepathy is the new form of communication. In a world where telepathy is the norm, a young boy notices that one of his classmates doesn’t use the common ability. The boy comes across a misplaced screwdriver originally from a nearby abandoned mansion, and must investigate. How these two incidents are related is yet to be seen, but my intrigue meter is at high right now! The game will come in an all-ages version and an adult version. 2236 A.D. will be released this year for PC.

Anima: Gates of Memories coming to PlayStation 4 this June

There is nothing better than the original writers to be involved in game adaptations, so I am tickled pink that Anima Project Studio is the developer for Anima: Gates of Memories as this is the same team that penned the Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG books. The third-person action RPG focuses in combat and exploration as players travel through the world of Gaia. Player decisions will have a direct impact on the story, a feature that is always welcome in games. Multiple characters are available to use, each with their own unique abilities. Anima: Gates of Memories will be released for PlayStation4 on June 3.

Does any of this news tickle your fancy or make you steaming mad? Let us know in the comments! And meet us again next week for a new edition of Catch-up coffee Monday.

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