The Sunday Screenshot Gallery: 22/05/2016

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Welcome to the Sunday Screenshot Gallery! Each week, we grab a bunch of our favourite screenshots from the game that we’re playing, at stick them here for your viewing pleasure – complete with silly screenshots, which you might find hilarious or utterly dumb.

We want screenshots from our readers, too! Shoot them over to, and we’ll be sure to include them in our next gallery!

We already knew that the female body was better. Now we have proof – Phantom of the Kill 

Peter Dutton is terrified of this game, and it’s not because of the ghosts or death. /Australian political humour – Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey

Nearly the perfect hand of Blackjack. At least the cards are perfect 😉 – Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

I love this story screen. It’s so perfectly to-the-point and efficient. It’s like regicide is no different to wandering down town for a pint of milk – Shadwen

Man this girl is flexible – Koihime Enbu

Kat has some odd taste in literature – Gravity Rush Remastered

Look, this is Dark Souls, if it’s locked away, leave it there – Dark Souls III

I have a new literature award that I so badly want to win – Divinity: Original Sin

Don’t want to give away the plot and all, but this guy’s got his priorities right – Heavy Rain

This is still the best sight in sport. BANG! Wicket! – Don Bradman Cricket

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