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We totally missed out on informing our readers on the impending release of Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force. From Compile Hearts, this remake of the PlayStation 3 game it is set to launch on PlayStation 4 in the spring. It’s fair to say we are awfully intrigued…

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Fans of the Fairy Fencer F will recognize all four of the main characters. First up is Fang, a Fencer who is the protagonist of the game. Fang is a forever-hungry and slightly lazy hero who meets Eryn after pulling a sword from a stone (sounds like a familiar story!) and sets off on an adventure at her request. Eryn is a fairy that lives in Fang’s sword; she has amnesia (another familiar tale) and cannot remember her past, but regardless she is determined to collect every Fury around the world.

Apart from Fang and Eryn, keep and eye out for Tiara and Cui. Tiara is a Fencer on a mission to revive the Goddess. She is super-serious and speaks as though she is superior to everyone else. Tiara actually teams up with Fang after tricking him into following her. Cui is Tiara’s fairy, and only says “cui, cui.” Regardless, she’s a great team member and communicates well with Tiara.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force adds three new story paths to the original: The Goddess story, the Vile God story, and the Evil God story. Fang and his friends face off against an evil organization while meeting other fairies and Fencers, with each path leading to a different outcome. Also new to Advent Dark Force is the ability to have up to six characters on the battlefield at a time, as opposed to three. There are also three new difficulty settings to help balance gameplay (Easy, Normal, Hard).

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