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Fallen Legion looks like it’s got some serious potential, so make a mental note (or a physical one if that’s more your style… or a digital one… you know what, just take note in whatever manner you’re most comfortable) to look for it in approximately six months when it’s set to be released on the PlayStation 4.

YummyYummyTummy (the name grows on you) premiered the first look of its upcoming dark fantasy action RPG via the PlayStation Blog. Because I know you cannot wait another second to see the game which I am referencing, here it is:

Fallen Legion has some superb hand-drawn artwork, that’s for sure. It also boats what YummyYummyTummy’s director Spencer Yip calls “an intense battle system where skill is more important than grinding.” The gameplay seems to be woven together with the story, which begins with Princess Cecille standing on a battlefield, a worn army behind her, watching a beast brigade approach. Princess Cecille was thrust into power when her father, the king, died and left her with both responsibility and a talking book that can breathe new life into old weapons.

The story and the gameplay link together when the Princess brings Exemplars to battle with her. Exemplars are weapons turned into soldiers by the talking book, and Princess Cecille can bring up to three of them into battle with her. Each character has an action bar, and you can switch between characters by cancelling one attack and beginning another one.

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Fallen Legion isn’t all bloodshed, though, as Princess Cecille also has to make split-second decisions regarding her kingdom. These choices will have a direct impact on how the citizens of the land view their leader, as well as what buffs Exemplars can receive in battle.

We’ll keep you updated on Fallen Legion leading up to it’s release in Summer 2016 (Winter for those down under).

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