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We apparently haven’t lost enough sleep in the past two years sinking hours into Europa Universalis IV, because there is a new expansion that promises to add an abundance of content to the game: Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks is now available via digital download on PC.

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Paradox Development Studio is touting that the best new feature is the Leaderboard, which records any game score achieved in Ironman mode (as long as you’re logged into your Paradox Account); players can then compare their scores to those of players worldwide.

For those players not that interested in playing Ironman, there are still a smattering of new features to enjoy that provide new options in strategy while being designed to show the history of the modern world. Players can allocate land to clergy, nobles, and merchants while trying to balance powers. There are advanced diplomatic options to threaten war and trade favours. Tengri has becomes a Syncretic faith.

But that’s not all! (I feel like I’m a game show host now. I kind of like it.) Nomadic nations now have to pay attention to the horde unity of their tribes. Players can set policy for colonial encounters with natives and decide to focus on quick subjugation, peaceful growth, or trading advantages. And there’s improved espionage, which allows players to study technology from other countries.

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