DDNet Polls: The great debates (Saturday, November 21)

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Under most of our articles and reviews at Digitally Downloaded, you will see a simple two-option poll, powered by Twitter.

There’s a reason for that! Each week we collect together the most interesting poll results for the week and do a little wrap on them for the weekend. That’s what you’re reading right now! That way, you’ll know exactly what people are playing, what news is important to them, and how they feel about the best and most disappointing news each week.

Do let us know what you think about this new feature, but in the meantime, enjoy this week’s results!

With the release of the really quite excellent Stella Glow, we thought we’d check in and see how people get along with the broader tactics RPG genre.

Very well, as it turns out. From Fire Emblem to Final Fantasy Tactics and then on to niche things like Stella Glow and Tears to Tiara, the genre remains persistently popular across all platforms and for all players.

This is an interesting little discussion point. Zodiac was released this week, and it is a really, really good JRPG, that just happens to be exclusive to iOS at the moment.

Sadly it looks like the platform does matter, with only 31 per cent of poll respondents saying they play RPGs on their tablets. Which is a pity, because they are missing out on some really good stuff – and I’m not just talking about free-to-play games here either.

A new Hatsune Miku figurine went on sale for pre-order this week, and she is gorgeous. The quaity and range of Miku figurines is truly impressie stuff, and according to our poll, a lot of fans do buy into them – a full 43 per cent of respondents saying that they have at least one Miku figurine (and of course once you have one it’s never enough)

Finally for this week, a non-gaming question; do you watch Japanese films? They can be hard to come by in the west, admittedly as they don’t often get releases in cinema, and the DVD companies that tend to distribute them are niche players. But nevertheless, I must admit it’s a little disappointing that only 30 per cent of voters regularly watch Japanese films, because there is a lot of merit to an awful lot of them.

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