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The first footage for Objects in Space is here

Australian devs Flat Earth Games (the company behind TownCraft) had their upcoming text-based space trading game, Objects in Space, playable at PAX over the weekend. For those of us not lucky enough to join in on all the PAX fun, they’ve also released a five-minute gameplay video. This is the first time we’ve seen the game in action, so needless to say it’s making us even more excited to see it launched next year on PC, Mac, and Linux. The video features an encounter between a light freighter and a pirate, and demonstrates basic ship functions.

The Escapists getting new DLC on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

Team17’s smash hit The Escapists is getting new DLC this week, titled Duct Tapes Are Forever. It’s likely totally crazy to think this is a nod at Canada’s duct tape obsessed handyman Red Green since he had a movie titled Duct Tape Forever, but I’m convinced regardless. Ahem. The Escapists’ DLC includes a new layer, six achievements, and a leaderboard. Players will find themselves captured by an awful villain and trapped underground. Duct Tapes Are Forever is due out November 3 on PlayStation 4 and PC, and November 4 on Xbox One.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been delayed

Before you hit the panic button, don’t worry: it’s only been delayed a handful of months. We’ve waited so long for this, what’s a few months when it may make the game that much better? The original release was slated for February 23 (as announced at this years’s E3), but EA has announced they are pushing the game back to May 24. Senior Produced Sara Jansson explained to IGN that the extra months will be used to make the game “as entertaining, impressive, and memorable as it can be,” which sounds like a darn good reason to delay a game as big as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

On the topic of release dates, Town of Light now has one

I’ve been obsessively seeking out any new information regarding Town of Light since I first wrote about it in July. After all, it was due in the third quarter of this year, which has now come and gone. The game is the first by Italian developer LKA.it, and they have decided to push back the date in order to deliver the “initial team vision” for the gameplay and story. To tide us over until then, they will be releasing the main character’s (Renée’s) diary bi-weekly on their blog. Renée is a schizophrenic teenage who has been admitted to an asylum, but the dairy will touch upon what her life was like before being locked up.

Does any of this news tickle your fancy or make you steaming mad? Let us know in the comments! And meet us again next week for a new edition of Catch-up coffee Monday.

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