The Friday Ten: Last-minute Halloween costumes inspired by anime and video games

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It is the night of October 30. Halloween Eve, if you will. So of course, I bet you’re browsing the web looking for great costume ideas that you’ll be able to pull together in 24 hours. The good news: Digitally Downloaded to the rescue! We’ve compiled a list of the ten easiest costumes to create from video games and anime.

Light (Death Note)

White button-down shirt: check. Red tie: check. Now grab a black notebook and a white paint marker, write “Death Note” on the front in capital letters, and fill up some pages with lists of names of criminals. You are now as powerful as Light, but with great power comes great responsibility. No, wait, wrong series. You get the idea.

Banned Bikini Miu (Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water)

Are you a girl with long hair? Do you have a bikini? Then your costume is complete: put on bikini. Say you’re Miu from Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, wearing the costume that was banned from the game. Or really, choose any of the bikini-clad characters is last week’s Friday Ten and you’ll do great!

Eikichi Onizuka (Great Teacher Onizuka)

If you own a t-shirt, you can say you’re Onizuka. It’s difficult to find a single image of the Great Teacher wearing anything else, making it the perfect last minute (okay, okay, lazy) costume. Oh, and a cigarette would add to the effect.

Manny (Grim Fandango)

Manny is a two-step costume. He requires a cloak, which can be found at shops even this last-minute for little cost. He also requires his skull head. The skull is where you can have some fun: it could be made from a white paper bag, a piece of heavy white paper rolled up, or you could just paint the face onto your own. No matter which path you choose, he’s a pretty recognizable dude!

Organisation XIII member (Kingdom Hearts series)

Got a black trench coat? Yes? Sweet, there’s your costume as an Organisation XIII member from Kingdom Hearts! Black boots would be a bonus, though, as wood a sweet blade.

Max (Life Is Strange)

I’m pretty sure everyone over the age of five owns a zip-up hoodie, and if yours is grey you’re already halfway to being Max! Grab an old camera and a messenger bag, and you’ll be instantly transformed into the heroine of one of the best games of 2015.

A Sim (The Sims series)

The great thing about Sims is that they are meant to look like an everyday person. To become a real-life Sim, create and construct (or print and construct) a pumbob, attach it to the pointy end of a coat hanger while forming the rest of the hanger to fit your head (or poke through a hat) and voila: instant Sim! Mutter in Simmish all night to enhance the effect and really annoy everyone around you.

Mario/Luigi (Super Mario Bros. series)

What would a costume list be without Nintendo’s flagship plumber and his lanky brother? Either Mario or Luigi make an excellent costume that can be pieced together using things you may already own with thrift shop finds. Both require a pair of overalls. For Mario, you’ll need a red shirt and hat; if you want to be Luigi, a green shirt and hat. Grab a marker to create the “M” or “L” insignia on a piece of paper cut into a circle, stick it onto the hat, and you’re in business!

Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Ah, Kirito. Another character requiring a long, black trench coat. He does also require a sword, though, so grab one from a local shop or make one out of cardboard. Proceed to sulk around like a whiny teenager (think book 5 Harry Potter) while sometimes flashing the sword to show how powerful you are.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

Tight tank top, tiny shorts, big combat boots: that’s all you really need to make a believable Lara Croft. If you’re going for authenticity, the tank top should be grey and the shorts brown. That being said, any neutral colour scheme would be okay. For added effect, get a couple big sticks and some string and fashion an bow and arrow set.

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