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The Escapists: The Walking Dead ‘Woodbury Reveal’ trailer is here!

The Escapists is a good (or great, depending on who you ask) game, so we certainly have high hopes for when it collides with out favourite zombie survivalists in The Escapists: The Walking Dead. Team17, after all, has a steadily increasing portfolio of games that seem to each be better than the last. And it has released a new trailer for the game, a mishmash of game footage from the Woodbury Reveal level of the upcoming title. Follow Rick as he runs, crafts, and kills his way through the story that remains faithful to the timeline in the original comics.

Laserlife is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Have you ever played an existential rhythm action game? Yeah, neither have we, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be excited about one! Originally announced in 2010, Laserlife is (finally) getting released. The game, by Choice Provisions (formerly Gaijin Games, the company behind the Bit.Trip series), is a “high-concept-dead-astronaut-music-biography” meant to be played through in one sitting. According to a post on the PS Blog, Laserlife is a symbolic exploration of what it means to be human. Yikes – existential crisis imminent for those brave souls who play. It is set to launch on PS4 and PC (via Steam) September 22, followed by an October 2 Xbox One release.

Total War: Attila getting new free content in addition to paid DLC

Can’t get enough of Sega’s Total War series? Good, because there’s more content on the way for Total War: Attila. All players will be getting a new playable faction for free on September 15, but the biggest content update comes in the form of paid DLC releasing the same day. The Empires Sand Culture Pack includes three new playable factions: Aksum, Himyar, and the Tanukhids. There will be a new campaign to play, as well as narrative event-chains, enhanced religion features, and more than fifty units added to the grand campaign. The enhanced religion features are required due to the massive impact religion has on cultures during the time period in which Attila is set.

Live Persona event happening September 19 at TGS

PERSONA 5! PERSONA 5! PERSONA 5! If Atlus doesn’t announce the release date of Persona 5 on September 19, I may just lose it. Please don’t pull a Square Enix on us, Atlus. Ahem. Anyway. Persona 5 was noticeably absent from E3 this year despite being slated for release by year’s end. The event happens smack in the middle of the Tokyo Game Show and is confirmed to involve live musical performances as well as a “talk.” There’s also a new poster making the rounds, featuring the Protagonist, Anne Takamaki, Ryuji Sakamoto, and Morgana the shape-shifting cat.

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