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No, that isn’t a typo. This is really happening. And that really is the title. Team17, the indie game publisher behind The Escapists, is partnering with Skybound Entertainment to bring us The Escapists The Walking Dead.

The game will combine the Team17 hit with the world of The Walking Dead in what Daniel Murray, president of Skybound Entertainment, describes as “a playful interpretation” of both. It follows the timeline of The Walking Dead comic books. Think of it as The Walking Dead, The Escapists style. You play as Rick Grimes leading a group of survivors – many of which include the original comic cast – trying to escape places fans of The Walking Dead should be familiar with, such as a hospital, a farm, and yes, even a prison.

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Skybound Entertainment is a sister company to Image Comics (the publisher of The Walking Dead) and Team17 is behind many other playful games, such as the Worms series. Having them work together will be interesting to say the least, but this game is definitely one to keep on your watch list – assuming it isn’t already on your must-buy list already. The Escapists The Walking Dead is set to be released later this year on PC and Xbox One.

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