Mobile gamers rejoice, as Final Fantasy VII is available in the App Store!

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The arguable favourite in the Final Fantasy series (despite being at the bottom of Matt’s list), Final Fantasy VII has hit the App Store today. It joins Final Fantasy I through VI on Apple’s mobile platforms. The release of FFVII is a surprise/non-surprise scenario: since the prior games in the series has been released it seemed like only a matter of time, but it’s a surprise because it beat the PlayStation 4 port announced last December to release despite never being properly announced.

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Final Fantasy VII for iOS appears to be a port of the 2011 port – confusing, we know. There are a few elements that weren’t included in the original game, including God Mode. God Mode turns off all non-story-related battles (no grinding!) and gives your characters maximum stats, allowing someone to go through for the story alone without all the fun of levelling up slowly but surely.

We hoped for a proper VII remake back in 2011 – could this be it?!

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