Win one of FIVE copies of PlayStation 4 indie release, Rack N Ruin

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The PlayStation 4 has already become the home for some great indie titles, and the next cab off the rank is Rack N Ruin.
Described by the developer as a mix of top-down adventure game and SHMUP, you’re looking at a very fast paced action game with loads of very aggressive enemies to take down. 
There are 25 different weapons and items to collect through the game, with everything from turrets and bombs to fire tornadoes to unleash on your enemies. It might not be Bloodborne, but these are the kinds of games that really give the PlayStation 4 its personality, with different and unique experiences to go with the blockbuster stuff. 
We’ll have a review of the game as it gets closer to release its March 31 release, but thanks to the generosity of the developer, we have five copies of the game to give away. All you need to do is click the link below and fill out four short questions. These will sign you up for our weekly newsletter if you’re not already a member, and winners will be determined based on their answers to the following question: “What is your favourite indie game on the PlayStation 4 so far, and why?”
It’s a game of skill, so the best five answers will be selected, and then announced in our newsletter. Prizes will go out on April 1 – and no, we promise this isn’t a set up to an April Fool’s Joke. 
Good luck, and happy gaming!

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