Australia’s arguably appealing packaging for the New Nintendo 3DS XL

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News by Jedediah H.

For most of my clueless life, I’ve been swarmed by propaganda claiming that “bigger is better”: A bigger truck makes for bigger manpower (not horsepower), a bigger house makes for and reflects bigger social clout, and a bigger foot means, well, a bigger imprint on your foes’ chest after a panicked donkey kick. In Nintendo’s case, a bigger 3DS makes for a bigger screen and – bless my lazy eye – appealing Australian box art adorned with dialogue bubbles that scream the device’s main features. 

Unlike a bigger truck or a reflexive foot, the New Nintendo 3DS XL may actually benefit from its larger size, since the screen allows for more graphical adoration.

Pictured: One of the few times in life where size may actually matter. Or not.

The Australian box art showcases the sleekness of the New 3DS XL’s Metallic Blue frame, which unlike the Standard New Nintendo 3DS, does not feature a super-swappable faceplate with which to customise and, for example, make its exterior match the hue of that day’s belt buckle. The packaging also highlights the XL’s features through dialogue bubbles, with phrases such as “Super-stable 3D” to presumably point out the strength of the larger screen’s third dimension.

“Which is good, because I like to dive chest-first into my 3D landscapes.” 

Naturally, a more robust screen isn’t all the New XL has going for it; you’ll have Amiibo support, faster computing power, two new buttons, and a handy analog control stick, with the only downfalls, in my opinion, being the new hardware’s region lock (and possibly the exclusion of an AC adaptor). 

And while the North American and European release dates for this glimmering hand-held are yet to be announced, you fortunate Australians and New Zealanders will be smiling, pridefully, with some variation of the New Nintendo 3DS in hand come this 21 November. Get your game on, my friends. 

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