Assassin’s Creed IV expansion is so big, it’s now a stand-alone game

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News by Matt S. 

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was initially a DLC add-on titled Freedom Cry. Obviously it’s a very big game in its own right though, because Freedom Cry is being released as a stand-alone title.

In other words you don’t need to own Black Flag to download and play Freedom Cry, which suggests that this piece of “DLC” is a chunky game indeed.

Due for release on PS3 on February 19 and PC on February 25, Freedom Cry stars Adewale, a former slave turned assassin and shipwrecked in Haiti. There, he decides to fight for the slave’s cause. It’s an interesting set up because, well, Haiti wasn’t the nicest place to be a slave back in the day (not that being a slave was ever pleasant, but Haiti was truly horrific).

There’s good potential here for this to be an interesting sub-story, a bit like Liberation’s story of Aveline complemented Connor’s Assassin’s Creed 3 tale so very well. And, while it’s a little disappointing that Ubisoft insists that its “main” heroes are all Caucasian men, it impresses me that it’s using the side stories to tell tales of female and African-descent assassins. It’s more than the other big publishers will risk with their AAA-franchises.

So stay tuned! I’m that much more interested in this title now that it is “more” than “mere” DLC.

– Matt S. 
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