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If you’re a fan of RPGs and you haven’t experienced a Spiderweb Software game at least once, then you’re doing it wrong. This little indie developer has, for years, churned out classic RPG after classic RPG.

We’re talking isometric graphics, reams of text to wade through, and narratives that you can get right into.

A couple of years back Spiderweb launched the first of a new series, entitled Avadon, on PC. That game later made its way to the iPad, and regardless of which platform you played it on, it is a rich experience that not many big-budget games can top.

So we’re looking forward to Avadon 2’s release in just a couple of weeks, on October 30. You’ll be able to find a trailer below.

Unfortunately, iPad gamers, you’ll need to wait until 2014 for your fix. Perhaps you can replay some of Spiderweb’s previous iPad games while you wait?

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