Help Digitally Downloaded research Japanese games; win free games!

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We’re in the process of doing some major research for a series of features, articles and associated content, and we need your help, via a survey!

But of course, we want to give back, so we’ve got a bunch of games to give away. Courtesy of Enjoy Up! games, we have copies of four different DSiWare games up for grabs (American codes only, sorry!):
Jewel Adventures
Letter Challenge
Little Red Riding Hood
Tales to Enjoy! Puss In Boots
To be in the running for one of these games all you need to do is fill out the survey, and enter your email address at the end. Prizes will be automatically generated at the end of the coming week. 
But please, please fill out the survey even if you’re not American. We want to do some comprehensive coverage of the way western gamers perceive Japanese games, and we need your answers to the survey to do that. 
The survey won’t take more than 20 minutes to complete, can be found below, and your input will make you our best friend.

To complete the survey, just follow the link below; don’t worry, your answers will remain completely anonymous:

As always, happy gaming!

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