New screens of SimCity emerge from beta

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EA and Maxis’ SimCity ‘reboot’ is just out of its beta phase on the PC. From the latest batch of screenshots, it looks like the obsession is about to start all over again.
The beta only gave players a few days to play around with the revamped and uber-detailed city simulator, but it made an impression. With up to 100 thousand citizens to manage at any given time and the ability to play 16 cities at the once, SimCity definitely tests the management abilities.

Personally, I always had a hard enough time keeping one city from completely collapsing, so I think I’ll just keep my burgh on the smallish side. As far as your larger metropolises go though, the multiplayer will probably help as players can work together “creating new ways to play by collaborating or competing to earn achievements and to top leaderboards”.

Politicians working together? Okay, so maybe SimCity isn’t that realistic after all…

Get ready micro-managers, SimCity will be available for the PC on March 8th.

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