The week’s Play-Asia specials: Cinematic blockbusters on a budget

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If you’re on the hunt for some cheap games for your consoles, Play-Asia rotates around weekly specials, and there are often some really great bargains to be picked up.

As a disclaimer, Digitally Downloaded is a Play-Asia affiliate, and we do gain some income from any games you purchase by clicking on the link below. It’s win-win for you and us, as you get games cheap, and we get to eat (we tend to get cranky and write bad reviews when we’re starving), so we thank you for your support. The affiliate arrangement in no way affects our editorial coverage.

So what’s on for this week?

Max Payne 3 – If you haven’t played Max Payne 3 yet, then you really do need to do yourself a favour – pick it up for cheap. Action doesn’t get more stylish than this Rockstar classic.

9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors – This is a bit of a forgotten DS classic. Some of the strongest storytelling you’ll ever experience and some deeply intelligent gameplay combine for a game that few will play, but those that do won’t forget it.

Batman: Arkham City – On the off chance that you are one of the few that haven’t played this game… well, now’s your change to find out why it’s one of the most well-regarded games of all time.

Thank you again for your support, and enjoy the games! Just click on the image below to be taken to the Play-Asia website. We thank you for your support by buying your games through our Affiliates program.

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