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If you were paying attention to Far Cry 3, you may have heard that a mobile app called Far Cry 3 Outpost was supposed to accompany the games release. In this app, users would be able to “Decode” encrypted data that they found while playing the Far Cry 3 multiplayer. Once this data was done being decoded, the player would receive bonus XP or or a weapon mod for use within the game. However, for some unknown reason, this app did not release upon Far Cry 3s launch. But fear not; the app has just released for both Apple and Google Play enabled devices. Not only that, but the release came with quite a neat advertisement.

Now, I am not one to promote something simply because it is being promoted, but the below video describing how the Outpost app works is quite far from the average commercial or launch trailer. In this video we meet Red Man, a Far Cry 3-playing individual who just wants a shotgun mod. We see his hopes rise before being absolutely crushed. It is a Shakespearean tragedy, one that only could exist in this time and day. Below is the tragedy that defines this generation (and take that as you will);

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  • Oh, brilliant find there Ninja.

    Ubisoft has become the masters of marketing. The ZombiU app to promote the Wii U game was inspired, and this is marketing genius.

    Kudos, Ubi, kudos.

  • I would go as far as to say that Ubisoft has become the most interesting publisher within the last six months. They essentially got rid of their over-excessive DRM, they're making a sequel to Rayman Origins, and they've been putting out good games at a consistent rate for a while now. Not only that, but it seems that they're really branching out when trying new things too. It could have been easy to set Assassin's Creed 3 in another Italian/Roman city, but instead they decided to set it during Colonial America. Also, THEY'RE MAKING A SEQUEL TO RAYMAN ORIGINS. That's pretty rad, especially considering that Origin's didn't light the charts ablaze.

  • Agreed. It's what happens when a publisher/ developer is able to properly resource itself. Because Ubisoft has has so much success with HD remakes and digital releases, as well as ever single AAA-game selling to target, Ubisoft has been able to fund more risky game projects (Rayman) and such. It's easily the strongest western publisher right now.

    BTW if you haven't yet, play From Dust. That is my favourite Ubi game in years.

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