Naruto Powerful Shippuden punches out a March release date

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Fans of Naruto just can’t seem to get enough of the loveable teenaged ninja in orange. If you’re one of these fans and have a 3DS handy – March probably can’t get here soon enough. Namco Bandai is bringing Naruto Powerful Shippuden to the 3DS on March 5th, with its release following closely behind in the UK on March 8th.
This cutesy side-scrolling game brings a super deformed anime twist along with it and is suitable for all ages. So whether you’re a fan young or old, it looks like there’s fun to be had with Naruto and Rock Lee when this new 3D adventure comes to 3DS in early March.
Namco Bandai sent a host of screenshots along with the game’s new trailer to get you ready for the upcoming release:


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  • I'm interested in Naruto, but I've never read the Manga or watched the Anime. I just wonder whether the games require you to be a fan to enjoy them.

    So for instance: The Bleach game on the PS3. I played that on the basis that it was a Warriors-like game, but wasn't able to enjoy it originally because I had no experience with the Manga/ Anime. I've since watched the entire thing (350+ episodes!) and now going back to the game, the story and characters make far more sense, and I enjoy the game far more.

    On the other hand, One Piece Warriors doesn't require you to be a fan of the show before playing it – it does a far better job of being self contained.

    I hope this game is more like the latter, because I have no interest in watching another 350+ episode series to make sense of a game 😛

  • The majority of the games retell the anime's storyline, so I'd like to think that you wouldn't need to already be a fan of the series. With that said though – watch the anime! It's flippin' great stuff.

    Oh, I've been a Bleach fan since the original manga. Tite Kubo is amazing. If you get into manga, I highly recommend his lesser known series: Zombiepowder.

  • Haha, I know I need to watch Naruto, but these Japanese Animes are major, major time commitments. 😛 One Piece is also on my to do list, as is the Manga, Monster.

    Off Topic, but speaking of great mangas, if you haven't read Uzumaki, do so. It's the best horror story this side of Lovecraft.

  • Uzamaki is actually on my list of things to get to. I've heard nothing but great things about the short series. In fact, that's one of the reasons I grabbed Zombipoweder – it's only a few books long.

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