Dungeons & Dragons online mega-library for its entire history launches, works on iPad

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It’s no secret that we have quite a few fans of Dungeons & Dragons here at Digitally Downloaded.

We also have a lot of people with iPads and the like, and it’s been somewhat frustrating to think that we have hundreds of Dungeons & Dragons books lying around, but it would be far easier to carry these to game night if they were on our iPads.

Looks like Wizards of the Coast have listened to us. In collaboration with DriveThruRPG, Wizards of the Coast has launched D&D Classics – an online mega-library of fans’ favourite content from all the old versions of Dungeons & Dragons.

Needless to say http://www.dndclassics.com/ is a great idea, and to help promote it Wizards of the Coast is giving away one classic adventure, B1 In Search of the Unknown, for free.

Time to break out the Mountain Dew.

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  • Haha – I'd love to get back into D&D. I miss the old group I spent years playing with, and it was really the source of inspiration of the MUD my wife and I have been running for years.

    And this? Sure beats those stacks of books I always toted about in my duffel bag. 🙂

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