The weekly discussion: The console of the year

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It’s basically the end of the year now, and that means it’s a time for reflection. 

So let’s make this one simple this week – which console did best for you this year? Each console – even the dying Wii and the struggling Vita, has had a heck of a year in terms of quality game releases. 
It makes it hard to pick a favourite, perhaps, but which console has offered you the greatest range of quality games that you’ve got into?
Let’s keep this one civil – I know these kinds of discussions have a tendency to break out into all kinds of fanboy wars, but we’re all friends here, and every console has its merits 😉

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  • For me and my family, it has been the PS3 hands-down. DS/3DS made a strong bid as well, but the online connectivity for free (something the 360 lacks) was a huge boon with my youngest two who play games with heavy social/online elements like CoD or LittleBig Planet. My oldest and wife mostly use the console for things like Hulu and Netflix and both prefer the PSN interface.

  • I've hardly bought any new releases this year, and the few that I did (that weren't ports/remakes) I was severely disappointed with so uh… Well, PS3 had Journey. So that.

    If I can include games I purchased (or started playing) this past year but that did not release in 2012, it would still be PS3 by far 😛 Nier, Valkyria Chronicles, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, WKC… My PS3 was happy this year. Not to mention I'm on it almost every day for netflix or something.

  • It's a tough one – every console had me addicted to it at some point or other. Whether it is Fatal Frame 2 or Pandor's Tower on Wii, Atelier and Hyperdimension on PS3, Baldur's Gate on iPad, The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, Gravity Rush on Vita or Pokemon on 3DS, I sunk hours into each game console.

    I honestly can't pick a favourite, it's been a darned good year for games overall.

  • The major games that I've been playing on PC was Crysis, Recettear: An Item Shop Tale, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead 2, and SpaceChem. Left 4 Dead 2 and Recettear were the stars of my major gaming sessions over Summer.

    While for the Xbox, my biggest game was Mincraft. Seriously, I still want to play that game with my friends online, but $20 seems to be steep for them.

  • PS3 = terrible.
    Xbox 360 = horrendous.
    Wii = ducked taped GameCubes.
    Vita = Bankrupting Sony.
    3DS = Gimmick screen!
    iPad = Overpriced, under featured.
    Nexus/Chrome = No customer service if from Google.
    PC = Windows.
    Mac = No/few games supported.

    *thinks I covered most fronts of the war, prepared for winning!

    Seriously, this year would probably be the Wii, even though I did get a decent amount of gaming done on our PS3. The Wii with the Virtual Console was a big winner for Bean 1, and we played the older games a lot more than I expected we would.

    The Wii U has been a nice surprise so far, but I'm all about seeing how it performs over the next year…on several fronts.

    My PC gaming actually, well, happened this year. Probably the first year in about 8 that I got back to gaming a decent amount on my PC.

  • I wasn't sure if it would be either, until I tried it. I mostly like JRPGs so it was definitely different for me, but I've enjoyed it so much so far. Morrigan is the bestest.

  • Yes, if it was just on the past month, the Wii U would be my winner by far. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo can keep this good momentum up.

  • I actually played a lot of all my stuff (except the Wii) this year, but my Xbox 360 and 3DS definitely ate up most of my gaming time (in that order), with my PC a close third. I play most of the big third-party stuff on the Xbox and it's usually my default system of choice- and then of course there's Halo 4. Huge fan of the series and the fiction behind it.
    As for the portables, if you'd asked me at the top of 2012 if I would finish up the year playing more of my 3DS or PSV, I would have said PSV by a landslide. But even though it launched with a decent amount of stuff on it, I can't be anything else but disappointed with the way the console's freshman year ended up. I want a GOOD first person shooter dammit!

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