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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now officially available on the PSN.

One of the best loved and most involved GTA’s, San Andreas had a ton of things to do that no other GTA has had since. Activities like working out (and hot coffee…) seem to have been one off kind of things for the series, but they sure were a hit with gamers who savored their trip to the GTA-ified Wes Coast.

Well now PSN players can relive some of the coolest moments in Grand Theft history as the Vice City followup has hit the PlayStation network for download. And just for this most auspicious occasion, Rockstar Games has prepped a special 20 minute (!) video detailing the action that went down before the game’s story picks up.

It’s a prolog filled with organized crime, high tensions, and the beginnings of a full on turf war. Welcome to San Andreas:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is posted for download now on the PSN and is also still available on Xbox Live.

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