The 24 Games of Christmas! Day #8: RPG Maker VX Ace

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It’s that time again! Michael Buble’s smooth voice serenades us over the radio with his brilliant rendition of “Let it Snow.” Houses are covered with bright lights, tinsel, green and red colours. Children anxiously count down the days, hoping they were good enough for a visit by Santa.

It’s a magical time, with one other little benefit – most of us also have breaks over Christmas. Breaks means time to play games!

It has been a great year for games, and no doubt there are some great ones that you’ve missed. And so we at Digitally Downloaded will count down to Christmas with one game recommendation for you each day.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Day #8 – RPG Maker VX Ace
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Matt S

What better gift to give a loved one than a RPG that you’ve lovingly-crafted from scratch, featuring all of their favourite story plots, a soundtrack of their favourite songs, and if that loved one is the girlfriend, perhaps even a marriage proposal? 
Well, ok, that’s a cheap way to do all of the above, but making a RPG is a fine Christmas project. Make a Christmas-themed RPG and get everyone to play it to get into the mood. Team up with family or friends to build a more comprehensive game – and hey, no one said you couldn’t sell it if it turns out well. Use the money to buy presents for everyone. 
RPG Maker is by far the finest of the “do it yourself for coding newbies” game maker product out there, and this year’s edition is the finest version of that product ever.

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  • Love this title's inclusion, but I am a *huge – HUGE* fan of the RPG Makers and have been working with various versions of the software for over a decade now. I once worked on a LEGO Themed RPG for my son for Christmas (back before the LEGO thing was so popular – this is probably 7 or 8 years ago now) and it was a blast tailoring a title for him

  • Probably about as good as yours now? My son and I started poking at making one together, but just too many other distractions keep me from sinking any solid blocks of time in lately, and I find it is *super* tough to go back to an old project after a long time away, personally.

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