The weekly discussion: East Vs. West!

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Final Fantasy vs. Skyrim. Resident Evil vs. Call of Duty. Atelier Meruru vs… well, nothing can compare to that game.

Ahem. This week’s discussion is all about whether you prefer Japanese or Western games. The differences between the two approaches to game development is huge, so most people prefer one style to the other.

So which is your preferred style of game, and why?

Also, while I have your collective ears, don’t forget to vote for your favourite games of the year! 

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  • I think everyone by now knows I prefer Japanese games šŸ˜› To me there's a greater variety in them, and the Japanese studios tend to take greater creative risks these days. Teams like Grasshopper Manufacture and From Software are making games that the likes of Activision would never greenlight.

  • If I'd been asked this question in the early '90s, it would have been eastern games. Easy. When I was a kid I played a steady diet of Capcom and Konami and everything in between. Now it's a different story.
    Now you can give me an action title or FPS any day and I'll be a very happy camper. And for those I favor western devs pretty much exclusively (with a few exceptions).

  • I'm probably split on this. Mario being from one, makes it at the top since I (we) enjoy platformers a lot. FPSes in general seem to be from another, but I enjoy that genre a good bit as well.

    Then there's Monster Hunter Tri which I enjoyed a lot more than I ever expected I would.

    I really can't say I would go with one over the other though, and prefer to just make them like a sandwich and mash them together and enjoy!

  • I landed right on the fence. I enjoy both quite a bit. I spent tons of time with Final Fantasy XIII-2 at the same time I was playing Mass Effect 3. I can't really say I prefer one over the other, but I appreciate that they generally bring different things to the table for me, which helps sate whatever mood I'm in.

    I looked at my game collection after starting to type this answer up earlier, and realized even my collection is almost a dead-even split. For every Dragon Age I have an Atelir game. Right down the middle really I realized.

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