Konami releases Beat Gather on iOS

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Tap, tap, tap to the beat…

Well, it’s been a few since we’ve seen a rhythm/music game on the old iOS now hasn’t it? Actually it’s been a few since we’ve seen a rhythm/music game. Period.

Released today, beat gather has iPhone and iPod Touch owners tapping and swiping to the beat of their own music library that’s already (hopefully) on their iOS devices. That’s actually pretty cool. No generic built-in stuff, just the tunes that you’d want to listen to anyway.

beat gather introduces other new features such as a moving judgment bar and YUBIFU curves, not included in traditional rhythm music games. Players can create their own original YUBIFU for songs and share them with other players. The title also allows gamers to use Twitter or Facebook to share the music tracks played.

Wow. I have no idea what a YUBIFU is. At all… Anyway, it’s still a cool idea. Better yet, beat gather is also free of charge, so go grab it on the App Store right here.

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