Silent Hill Downpour patched on PS3

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A downloadable patch is now available for the PS3 version of the latest Silent Hill released last March- Downpour.

The fix takes care of a few major issue players have had with the game including the save system. Here’s a full look at what’s in the DL:

  • Improved frame rate
  • Fixed save game system
  • Fixed bugs in “Homeless” side quest/mission
  • Several other performance enhancements/bug fixes
Also important to remember here is that, while this does make the Playstation’s return to Silent Hill a little less foggy, there’s no such patch coming for Xbox 360 players. Konami announced a while ago that that had been abandoned, so if the bugs were too much for you on the 360 you might want to consider picking up the PS3 version.

Update: Okay forget that. Apparently there is a patch for Silent Hill: Downpour on the Xbox 360 and it’s actually been available for a little while already. Whoops.

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