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As though PlayStation Plus wasn’t already spectacular value, Sony has now decided to offer people very cheap Music Unlimited subscriptions with that Plus sub.

The deal applies to Australia; let me know if it’s also rolled out to other regions in the comments, but it works like this:

PlayStation Plus members can sign up now for a one-year Premium subscription at PlayStation Store and get a 90 per cent discount off the full price of Music Unlimited.

That means that under this deal a year’s worth of Music Unlimited will set you back $13.99. As we said in our review back when the service launched, this is a heck of a way to consume music, and as it works on your PS3, Vita, iPhone/ iPad, Android and PCs, it’s a very convenient way to access millions of tracks of music, both at home and on the go.

If you’re keen you’ll need to hurry though – only the first 100,000 purchases will get this offer, and it expires December 31.

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  • Music Unlimited is one of my favourite applications on my Phone, Vita and PS3. I use it constantly, and haven't bought a music CD or iTunes track since.

    So, please do take this as an endorsement: if you're in Australia (or it's available elsewhere); take 'em up on this offer.

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