Masters of the iOS- He-Man crashes the App Store

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Masters of the Universe fans, The Most Powerful Game in the Universe is now on the App Store.

I’m a huge He-Man fan. Like, huge. As one of the defining toy lines and cartoons of the ’80s, it was a mainstay of my childhood and continues to be one of the coolest properties to come out of the ‘me decade’.

The Masters have been making a comeback in recent years too- a very indirect comeback. No, there’s no cartoon or steady comic book to speak of, but the current line of toys (which are amazing pieces of work from the 4 Horsemen sculpting team) have found a niche on (go check ’em out, seriously) and limited edition comics have recently appeared that address the He-Man universe in much more mature terms.

Not a bad time overall to be a fan. And now there’s this:

I had the chance to play He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe at the NYCC just about two weeks ago and it’s awesome. It’s a supremely old school, tongue in cheek, romp across Eternia that would be right at home on the SNES (and that’s a good thing). The MOTU title from Chillingo that dropped today is just what the franchise needs- a good kick in the loincloth.

You can grab He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe on the App store right here for .99 USD.

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  • Yes, this is completely accurate. Dissenters will be dealt with appropriately. Also good (but not as great)- Trap Jaw, Tri-Clops, Hordak and like a hudred other MOTU characters.

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