Adventure into Dreams with the Xbox Live update

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A pair of Sega classics hits XBLA this week as the Blue Blur returns, and a flying purple jester makes his Live debut.

Seriously, what’s the guy (or whatever) in NIGHTS into Dreams supposed to be anyway? I honestly didn’t have enough patience to stick with the game long enough to figure it out at the time, so the whole thing is lost on me. I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority there though and there are more than a few folks out in the ether who are probably very happy to see the game return to screens in any form.

Now Sonic on the other hand, I have a very long history with, That said, I have no memory of Sonic Adventure 2 other than it had Shadow The Hedgehog and a scene where you had to outrun a speeding truck. The whole game begins and ends with that for me. Moving on…

If I was going to pick something to get excited about in the update this week, I’d have to go with Ghost Recon Future Soldier arriving on Games on Demand. I really enjoyed Future Soldier and I don’t think it got anywhere near the cred it should have on release. It’s a pretty darned fun time all around- I mean come on, it’s got active camo! Other than the invisibility, I really dug the tactical options and different methods of attack you could take. Thumbs up from me- and I’m not even really into military shooters!



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