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Friday, October 5, 2012

Playstation Mobile launches, brings content to multiple devices

Sony's new PS Mobile initiative launched last night bringing constant game content to users across Android and PS Vita platforms.

You might be familiar with the term 'Playstation Mobile' from stuff like the Xperia Play (Android device), but this is a little different. The Playstation Mobile 'platform', as it's called by Sony, now allows players to play their games on not just mobiles but some tablets and even the PS Vita.

Basically, we're looking at PS Mini type games that can be played on a number of different machines. There really aren't that many games available right now since the service just kicked up, but you'll be able to access the store right through the PSN on your Vita or supporting Android. No, it's not Earth shattering news if that's what you're thinking- but it is kind of a neat idea that definitely has room to grow.

Sure, right now the games are simple (and pretty low priced, which isn't bad), but if you look down the line there's no telling where this kind of thing might be headed as Sony preps its next set-top box for launch. Just imagine cross-play going from tablet to phone to Vita to PS4... Could be some very cool stuff.

Source: PlayStation Blog
Playstation Mobile launches, brings content to multiple devices
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