Video review: Zen Pinball 2 (PS3/ Vita)

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Anyone who’s been following us a while knows that we at Digitally Downloaded are big fans of Zen Pinball. Both Zen Pinball 3D, and the Marvel Pinball “sequel” are some of our favourite games on the Nintendo 3DS.

And they pale, absolutely, objectively pale in comparison to Zen Pinball 2 on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita (buy once, download on both platforms, too!).

The sequel delivers 16 tables (and some returning classics) of amazing pinball action. Every table is substantially different, and those social leaderboards are more addictive than they have any right to be. (Damn you Nick H for beating my score on the Ninja Gaiden table. I’ll get you!)

Enjoy the video!

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  • Question to anyone with this game (I hope that is everyone with a PS3 or Vita): Which is your favourite table?

    I love Moon Knight, despite having no idea that Moon Knight existed before playing this game. Then I went and read the comics: HOW HAVE THEY NOT MADE A MOVIE FOR HIM YET?!?

    Ahem. Tables. Discuss πŸ˜€

  • I'm a big fan of "Fear Itself". It had some great features including an accelerator loop, magna-save and breakout style mini-game.

  • I've yet to buy Fear Itself. It's on my list though.

    If you'd like to add me so we can compare leaderboards, my PSN is "monkeybear2001" – just let me know it's you so I know who I'm adding, lol.

  • Plants vs Zombies has been a hit in my house. I like several of the super hero themed ones, but not sure which one(s) are my favorites just yet. I recently picked up all of the tables for this and was considering a write-up myself. Oh hey, I think I beat a couple of your scores over the weekend Matt. πŸ˜‰ You're clobbering me in quite a few others though

  • It's a dead tie between the Captain America and the Spiderman tables for me. Both are exceptionally designed and offer a great chance and getting very deep into the game quite quickly if you've got the angles downpat.

    Feel free to add me guys: crossed23.

    Be warned, I've got some really high scores on the original game, and I'll be topping them in Zen Pinball 2 in the near future. πŸ˜€

  • Haha, As long as you don't beat my Moon Knight score – I'm proud of that one πŸ˜›

    Mind you, you've still got some catching up to do on the 3DS games!

  • I love the Captain America table on the 3DS game, I wonder if it's the same table… Must check.

    I highly recommend you check out Paranormal. That's an amazing table build, very busy, lots of things to explore.

    My next table purchase might be that Sorcerer one, though.

  • Usually Zen's games (and they're actually called platforms by the company) come loaded with one table for free. The rest are for you to pick and choose (and buy) from.

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