Sonic Adventure 2 HD trailer

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Sonic Adventure 2’s digital re-release has been a long time coming now. While we’ve already heard the rumors regarding the game’s existence, seen the official screenshots, and read of the formal announcement, we’ve yet to see any actual footage of the game’s “HD”.

That changes today, however. Though the trailer is in SEGA’s native Japanese, English speakers should have no trouble watching a few solid minutes of various gameplay excerpts.

If you’re feeling compelled to purchase the game, it will be available next week on Xbox 360 and PS3 in North America, Japan, and Europe. The Battle Pack DLC and fellow SEGA title, NiGHTS Into Dreams, should be accompanying it (at least in North America).

You can also expect to see our own review of the game at some point in the future. Anyhow, here’s that trailer:

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