Cognition makes it to the top 70 on Greenlight

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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller has snuck its way into the top 70 games currently featured on Steam Greenlight. Whether it’ll be promoted or not is up to you…

The next batch of games to be added to the legions of titles already offered by Steam will be made known on October 15th. Basically, for a game to have a chance, it has to be voted into the top 10 by the Steam faithful by that date.

Win and in, lose and… well you don’t need intuitive powers to figure that one out. Speaking of ‘intuitive powers’ though, they’re something Erica Reed (the main character of Cognition) has in spades. And this supernatural graphic adventure has something else in spades too- pedigree.

Always nice to see hand drawn environments

Co-created by Jane Jensen of Gabriel Knight fame, Phoenix Online Studios has put an impressive team together including comic book artist Romano Molenaar to lend his pencils to all the hand done art in the game. All in all, Cognition is looking like it might be something special.

From Phoenix Online Studios, the acclaimed developer behind The Silver Lining,Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller is an engrossing narrative with a truly evocative atmosphere. This chilling point-and-click adventure is a thought-provoking mystery following Erica Reed, a Boston-based FBI agent, haunted by the unsolved case of a serial killer who took her brother’s life. With the use of her post-cognition abilities, – seeing an object’s past with a touch – players are challenged to unravel a complex tableau of characters, plots and puzzles over four episodes.“As developers, we work to build interest from the gaming community before a new title is released, but Steam has taken that to a whole different level,” said Cesar Bittar, CEO of Phoenix Online Studios. “We are floored by the amazing support and feedback given on Greenlight so far and cannot wait to deliver the first episode of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller to Steam users.”

If you’d like to support the game, click here. And if you’d like a closer look before you click on that ‘thumbs up’, click here.

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