The Xbox Live update is zombie-tastic

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Can we go a week without mentioning a zombie game of some kind? No? Well, in that case here’s another one.

Deadlight is the middle game (some might call it the ‘hump game’) of the five week Live ‘Summer of Arcade’ promo, and might just be the prettiest of the bunch. It’s not that it’s colorful and brimming with cheer though. Tequila Works’ zombie apocalypse, survival/horror title is anything but.

Sporting a dark and moody look with ominous visuals and beautiful animation, Deadlight nonetheless is quite the sight to behold. The shadow-cloaked zombies also have a rather unique look to them and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a zombie game set in the ’80s either -even when it was the ’80s- that in and of itself is pretty cool.

And speaking of ‘pretty cool’, the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo just posted as well. The follow-up to High Moon’s War for Cybertron features the Dinobots, the massive Metroplex, Bruticus, and a semi-tractor trailer full of awesome. Seriously, if you’re an old school Trans-fan, you don’t want to miss this one.

The last item in my ‘noteworthy’ pile for this week is a sale on Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light’s DLC. If you’re interested adding a little more flair to the Tomb Raider’s co-op adventure and have somehow missed out on one of the seven billion sales there have already been on most of it- now’s your chance! Again!



Deals of the Week

You know, as long as I had to mention Raziel and Kane, can I just get in a quick shout out to whoever has the rights to those guys at this point? Can somebody work on bringing them back?
…and Exosquad. Get to work on that too as long as you’re at it… whoever you might be.

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  • even though i rarely play my Xbox360, mainly only when new maps come out for MW3 just to see what there like but I think i might buy deadlight, it looks cool

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